General Lighting

From new lighting for your home, to replacements, upgrades and repairs, Gridspec are here for all your domestic lighting needs.

If your lights are flickering, become dim, or sometimes don’t even turn on then it’s likely a fault is occurring. While these occurrences might be something minor, they can sometimes hide a bigger electrical issue which is why it’s important to call a qualified electrician, like the team at GridSpec.

A few common lighting issues are :

  • The switch wiring or line to the light fixture has gone bad, has corroded, has been chewed on by rodents, or has otherwise become unsafe.
  • The wiring has loosened for some reason, causing poor connections.
  • The lights become overheated and the safety measures switch them off.
  • The limit switch has become faulty.
  • The fixtures have got dirty and the dirt is interfering with the electrical wiring.

As well as lighting repairs GridSpec can also assist with new lighting installations, upgrades and more.

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